On this episode, we have all kinds of Star Wars Celebration 2017 tidbits, including Boba Fett’s Back Story, a scene by scene breakdown of The Last Jedi Trailer, some Rebels season 4 recon, and lots of talk about one particular rebel Mandalorian.

Make sure to check out Ben Foster’s artwork at http://www.bencfoster.com/  and his Instagramaccount is bencfoster77 (https://www.instagram.com/bencfoster77/). Tumblr is bencfoster. His music can be found at http://www.bencfoster.bandcamp.com/ and features a free album called “The Fandom Menace.”

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Tatooine Times


Just found this, thankfully before recording….

Carrie Fisher won’t appear in “Star Wars: Episode IX,” after all.

This week we dissect everyone’s favorite Mandalorian Rebel artist, Sabine Wren! Is she a libertarian?

Rebels Review


Episode 7 Season 1: Out of Darkness

Episode 8 Season 1: Empire Day

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