Minimum wage is rising – and droppingwe finish reviewing Skywalker Strikes, we talk in depth about the behind the scenes trailer from The Last Jedi, and has Brian discovered his new favorite character?

Tatooine Times 


Carl Cunningham Pleads Guilty To Stealing From Rancho Obi-Wan

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Behind The Scenes Video

The Holonet  


Disabled St. Jude patient sues airport and TSA after bloody scuffle with Airport Police

Minimum wage set to drop in Missouri

Hitler’s House Seizure Backed by Court Amid Nazi Shrine Fears

Horrifying Video Shows Cops Force K9 to Maul Surrendering Man

Galaxy’s Smallest Political Quiz     


Character: Sinjir Rath Velus

(per wookiepediaSinjir Rath Velus was a human male ex-loyalty officer who served the Galactic Empire until the Battle of Endor. Following the destruction of the second Death Star, Sinjir abandoned his post and fled the Empire. Within the Imperial records he was listed among the casualties at Endor until a short time before the Rebellion on Akiva. Sinjir Rath Velus joined the Galactic Empire and became a loyalty officer[2] in the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB).  Sinjir was a native of Sevenmoon, a moon in the Velusia system.

Resistance Review   


Star Wars: Skywalker Strikes Parts 5-6

WookiepediaStar Wars 1: Skywalker Strikes is the first issue of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars and the first of six issues in the series’ first story arc. The comic takes place between the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and features all of the major characters from the original film. It is written by Jason Aaron, with artwork by John Cassaday and was released on January 142015.

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