Padme tries to knife Anakin, one of us speaks Hutteese, the Air Force is trying to do a 2 for 1 money grab, and will there ever be time travel in Star Wars?

A couple of great items on the interwebs to check out.

Star Wars: 10 Reasons The Galactic Empire Wasn’t As Bad As Everyone Thinks

What’s so Bad about the Empire? 

Tatooine Times    


‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ ‘Started Over’ After Carrie Fisher’s Death


Star Wars Battlefront 2 NEWS: Sony and EA could have HUGE surprise for fans

The Star Wars Revenge of the Sith original ending SHOCK: Padme almost KILLED Anakin

The Holonet


An Alien-Hunting Submarine Is Being Tested in Antarctica

Self-repairing roads could also charge your electric car

Time Travel Is “Possible” According To New Scientific Study

Galaxy’s Smallest Political Quiz  


Jabba the Hutt – Is he just a big fat statist, or is he a libertarian at heart… if he had a heart, of course.

Rebels Review


Episode 11 Season 1: Idiot’s Array

Episode 12 Season 1: Vision of Hope

May the non-initiation of force be with you.

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